The new dimension of online events
The new dimension of online events

The new dimension
of online events

We create virtual experiences and compelling content that captivates your customers

Present interactively

The stage you need

We design any setting that stages your product’s value best: whether you dream of presenting in a factory hall, store, open-air in a cornfield, under water or in a fictional world – we make your benefits shine.

  • customisable 
  • outdoor scenery possible
  • continuously expandable
The virtual stage you need 
Next level interaction with a digital room

Next level interaction

Overcome screen boundaries: Create unforgettable brand experiences by presenting products to your crowd via Augmented Reality (AR). Let your event guests interact with exhibits in the virtual or real world using a smartphone.

  • real-time control
  • interactive virtual exhibitions
  • product configuration
  • gamification

Host hybrid events

Break the boundaries of analogue events and increase reach and participation by adding digital features to your real event.

  • Live stream
  • Involve online audience
  • Increase reach
  • Hybrid trade show

Product simulation & demonstration

Based on real product data, "digital twins" simulate the functionality of real exhibits. This way, even complex products and services can be demonstrated and tested in real-time under real conditions.

  • live testing
  • digital prototyping
  • try-before-buy
  • digital twin

Jaw dropping content

We are experts in relevant communication and create content that adds value to your presentation.

With our longstanding experience we accompany you from the initial idea to the realisation of your digital events that are full of experience. Whether you fancy a 3D virtual trade show booth, an internal online employee training tool or sales presentation app: we not only develop tailor-made solutions that fit your design and process requirements, we also deliver relevant, high quality content.

virtual event in digital form
Webapp virtual event platform
Webapp virtual product showcase
VR virtual event

Brands that trust our skills

Fränkische Industrial Pipes
Max Bögl

Welcome to the Matrix

Individual, personalised & automated events

With orbiscope you have the possibility to transfer real time customer data and other live data from your existing business software. Based on this data, your presentation can be adapted in real time to any customer requirements.

  • personalised content
  • digital data exchange
  • account-based marketing
  • individual customer experiences
Individual, personalised & automated events
Individual, personalised & automated events
Instant performance results

Instant performance results

Collect visitor data statistics, such as user behavior, with our cloud based tracking tool and integrate the data into your analytics or CRM solution. You can quickly and easily adapt the content of the virtual presentation tool at any time using our easy-to-use Content Management System – or simply integrate your own CMS.

  • content maintainable via CMS
  • track user behaviour
  • connect visitor data to CRM
  • collect feedback 

One tool, endless possibilities

Use your online event or presentation tool wherever extraordinary brand experiences are required.

One tool, endless possibilities
One tool, endless possibilities
Lets create unique virtual experiences 
Lets create unique virtual experiences 

Let's create unique virtual experiences 

As unique as you and your customers

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